Charlie Crist and Karla Hernandez

Easy AND Essential:

Phonebank to Get Out the Vote

for Charlie Crist and Karla Hernandez!

Goal: To elect Congressman Charlie Crist as Florida Governor and oust Ron DeSantis

What: To get out the vote for Charlie Christ for the November 8th election by contacting Democratic women voters who do not regularly vote in midterm elections aka "warm Democrats." 

HowParticipate in a well-organized and user-friendly phone bank intended to motivate voters likely to go for Crist. 

Where: Anywhere that you alone or with a group of friends can sit with a phone, an internet connection, and a computer. 

WhenAnytime between 10am and 8pm daily through November 8th - whenever you have time to make a few calls!


To Participate: Please click the link below 

   Crist Phone Banking Sign-Up Here


October 31, 2022 at 6:00pm - 9pm