Discrimination Against FSu



Stop Proposed Discrimination Against Florida 
State University System Tenured Faculty
Public Comment Period Extended
Until December 9th

Thank you to those that already posted before the site was shut down. We are happy to inform you that the public comment period for Proposed BOG Regulation 10.003 has been extended to 12-9-22, per CG Dems Board Member Martha Schoolman. Please see info below about this and respond before the extended public comment period ends on December 9th.

The regulation proposes to establish a draconian post-tenure review system for all Florida State University System faculty. This is problematic for three reasons: 

1.    Every state university already has its own detailed annual system evaluating pre-tenure, post-tenure, and non-tenure-track faculty achievements in teaching, research, professional service and community outreach. This new system intends to add a new layer of evaluation with less accountability, minimal faculty input, and summary dismissal power over faculty viewed as problematic or out of favor for whatever reason. As such, it effectively abolishes tenure by making it reversible without due process. 

2.    The proposed regulation is directly connected to the temporarily enjoined HB 7 or “Stop WOKE” bill, meaning that it is intended to facilitate ideological purges of State University System faculty who do not agree with the DeSantis administration on the teaching or research of concepts related to racial inequality and gender diversity. This connects further with other instances of attempted state interference on faculty research on racial gerrymandering, climate change, and the Covid 19 pandemic

3.    Passage of this regulation will immediately affect the national standing of the highly ranked Florida State Universities which will come to be seen *accurately* as institutions guided by fear and retaliation rather than excellence in research and teaching. 

Especially if you are a product of the State University System or have children or grandchildren who are or aspire to be, we urge you to act. This proposed regulation is currently open for public comment at the link below. Just scroll down to Chapter 10 and submit a comment by tomorrow, November 24th.


I object to this attempt to undermine the academic freedom of Florida State University System's tenured faculty as well as the damage it will cause to the hard-earned reputation of our State Universities for academic excellence. Please withdraw the proposal.

More info is also provided below.

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December 09, 2022 at 11:00pm - December 10, 2022