Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock Win!!!

Stacey Abrams said it well for the Washington Post:

Stacey Abrams, widely credited with paving the way for Georgia’s blue shift, found reason for hope — in the historic projected Senate victories of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, which came as Kamala D. Harris is set to break ground as vice president.

“While today’s terrible display of terror and meanness shakes us, let’s remember: @ossoff, Jewish son of an immigrant & @ReverendWarnock, first Black Senator from Georgia, will join a Catholic POTUS & the first woman, Black + Indian VP in our nation’s capital,” tweeted Abrams, who narrowly lost Georgia’s race for governor in 2018 and has worked to transform the state’s political landscape with grass-roots organizing. “God bless America.”


There are many special thanks to go around:

At the top of the list Stacey Abrams.

Black Voters Matter

Our many Coral Gables Volunteers that sent postcards, did phone banking, and did text banking.

We are especially grateful to Board Member John Wander for going for going to Georgia to canvass and Board Member Jane Moscowitz for countless hours of phone and text banking.