Precinct Project

Still Mad as Hell About

Florida's 2023 Anti-Freedom Legislation?

What You Can Do: Help Elect Democrats in 2024 to reverse some of the repressive 2023 legislation.  We need you to contact Democrat voters in your own precinct to advise voters that their Vote by Mail requests have expired.  As you may recall, the governor and super majority MAGA legislature cancelled all Vote by Mail requests on December 31, 2022 thus disenfranchising unsuspecting voters!  Once voters are made aware of the need to re-enroll they are eager to do so. You provide the QR code, link and phone number to thevoter! Very easy and no convincing needed, just information and resources!

The Good News: The CG Dems Precinct Project. Beginning with Precinct Project Phase I, we aim to inform all Gables Democrat voters residing in our 16 precincts who were previously enrolled in Vote-by-Mail (VBM) that their VBM requests were cancelled.

The Bad News: Right now approximately 1930 of these voters have not yet reenrolled in the program. We know these are motivated voters and we know that voters who receive a VBM ballot are far more likely to vote than other voters. We need volunteers to help reach this group of Democrat voters!

Our Goal: To achieve maximum Democrat voter turnout in 2024 and beyond. The CG Dems’ Precinct Project will achieve this by informing and engaging a majority of the 11,000 Gables Democrat voters so they vote for Democrats up and down the ballot in 2024.


Precinct Project Highlights:

All volunteers receive a packet containing all needed materials, including easy-to-follow directions with scripts and messaging to make texting, sending postcards, making calls and canvassing a gratifying experience.

As a volunteer, you choose how you want to reach neighboring Dem voters in your own precinct. You decide if you want to connect with 10 or 100 Gables Dem voters!

You will receive monthly reports of new/re-enrolled VBM sign-ups in your precinct to see your progress and avoid unnecessary repeat voter contacts.

Make a neighborhood difference! Become a Precinct Project Volunteer today!  Contact Janet Nostro at the link below


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