Say NO to SB 90


Right to Vote by Mail by Daniel Uhlfelder & Jane Moscowitz

On Tuesday, February 16, The Ethics & Elections Committee, advanced legislation, SB 90, that if enacted it would purge existing Vote By Mail enrollments and force every Florida voter to reapply after each general election.

SB 90 would cancel every single vote-by-mail ballot request currently on file with every Supervisor of Elections in every county in Florida on July 1, 2021.  Please call Florida's Republican elected officials NOW (the bill may come to the floor as early as March 1).

Talking points include the following:

  1. SB 90 is not necessary.  Vote by mail works fine as it is.
  2. Six million Floridians have chosen to vote by mail. Their choices will be nullified for no real reason.
  3. Elderly, disabled and military voters will be most affected.
  4. Some voters will not re-enroll and will lose their opportunity to vote.
  5. The bill will waste millions of local county dollars.




Name and District                                                                    District Office                     Tallahassee Office                                

Sen. Manny Diaz Jr.   36th District

[email protected]

(305) 364-3073

(850) 487-5036


Sen. Ileana Garcia    37th District [email protected]


(850) 487-5037

Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez  39th District

[email protected]




(850) 487-5039



Rep. Tom Fabricio       103rd District

[email protected]




(850) 717-5103



Rep. David Borrero  105th District


(850) 717-5105


Rep. Alex Rizo  110th District

[email protected]


(305) 364-4126



(850) 717-5110



Speaker Pro Tempore

Bryan Avila 111th District

[email protected]


(305) 953-2932



(850) 717-5111




Rep. Demi Busatta Cabrera. 114th District

[email protected]



(850) 717-5114



Rep. Vance Aloupis 115th District

[email protected]

(305) 270-6530

(850) 717-5115

Rep. Daniel Perez  116th District

[email protected]


(305) 442-6800


(850) 717-5116



Rep. Anthony Rodriguez. 118th District

[email protected]


(305) 252-4352



(850) 717-5118



Rep. Juan Fernandez Barquin 119th District [email protected]

(305) 222-4119


(850) 717-5119


Rep. Jim Mooney  120th District

[email protected]




(850) 717-5120