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WTW Winning Toolkits & Resources




#OneYearAgo Anniversary

6 social media messages & animate cards to celebrate Biden’s first year in office.


American Rescue Plan - Democrats Deliver UPDATED 3/7/2022! 

English Toolkit | Spanish Toolkit

20 social media messages & images highlight the many ways that Democrats are delivering for the American people. Let’s celebrate 🎉 our wins and tell our story! 


Build Back Better Toolkit

Messages and animated Gifs on how the Build Back Better bill will deliver for people.


Infrastructure & Jobs Act Messaging

A week’s worth of messages and social cards on what the Infrastructure & Jobs Act will deliver for people.



We Stand with Ukraine
This toolkit draws parallels between the trends of rising authoritarianism happening abroad and here at home and embraces the strength of the Ukrainian resistance to inspire our own actions to defend and protect freedom for all.


In 2022...When we join together!
6 memes and messages meant to inspire positivity and a “can do” spirit,  combat cynicism from the left and right, and uplift activists’ agency to affect change. 


BeAVoterToday | #Sévotantehoy (sin tarjetas) (Spanish) 

Over 35 social messages and social cards on topics ranging from healthcare to energy, to voting rights designed to turn out voters.


12 sample messages matched with unbranded social cards to counter attacks on voting rights. 

WTW Winning Messaging Resources


Sentence Starters
Having a hard time getting started? Use our sentence starters for your 3Vs - Values, Villains, Vision


Strategic Policy Statements
3V statements to be adapted for other platforms (phone banking, postcarding, social media, etc.) using specific candidate/organization positions. 

Winning Words Checklist
Use our winning checklist to keep you on track.