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Membership in the Coral Gables Democratic Club (CG Dems) is open to all registered Democrats. Membership dues provide the primary source of revenue needed for CG Dems to achieve our mission: to maximize Democratic voter turnout countywide!

We help increase voter turnout by providing educational and informational meetings featuring Democratic candidates and experts on important Democratic issues; sponsoring targeted precinct canvasses in collaboration with other Democratic groups; funding postcard projects; and engaging in voter registration, vote-by-mail sign up and other impactful Get Out the Vote activities. CG Dems also disseminates important information on other Democratic Club, Caucus and partner events and activities, as well as items of interest specific to the Coral Gables Democratic community. Becoming a member enables you to elect and/or become a member of the CG Dems Club board of directors. CG Dems members receive discounts on CG Dems merchandise and are guests at the Members Only Annual Meeting and Holiday Party in December.

Dues are just $35 per year, which can be paid for using a credit card by filling out the info below. CG Dems membership can also be paid for with cash, check or credit card at one of our meetings or events. All memberships cover the 12-month period from September 1 to August 31. Renewals are encouraged beginning July 1 of each year.


If you want to make a one-time or monthly donation, which is also needed, head here instead.




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